Do You Make Any of These 5 Breakfast Mistakes?

Breakfast has a bad reputation- we all know how vital this meal is, but so many of us think it’s too time-consuming and tricky to cook. While some people find it hard to make the time to prepare a healthy breakfast, other people make the mistake of thinking they need to cook a full eggs-and-meat meal each day. Any of these slip-ups can impede your health and functioning through your day. Don’t worry too much- just read on to ensure you’re making the most of this important part of your day.


1. Too heavy – a temptation for many, especially those who grew up in homes where breakfast was a big deal. Not every breakfast has to include a full plate of heavy proteins, although you do need them (see the next few mistakes!) Doctors and nutritionists agree: the best breakfast includes a balance of protein, grains, and fruit or vegetables. Try spinach or kale omelettes with a fresh fruit cup and granola for a delicious and satisfying meal that won’t leave you weighed down.

2. Not eating at all! Enough said, we’ve all done it, and we all know it’s wrong. Don’t give in to this one- if it come down to this, eat anything!

3. Just cereal– this is an easy mistake to make- it’s so tempting on busy mornings to just dump some cereal into a bowl. This won’t keep you full, or give you the nutrients you need to keep going through your day. It may be simple, however, nutritionists have realized that we should eat some protein with each meal. For vegetarians, it’s simple to add in nuts with peanut butter muffins, or almond flour pancakes. For more adventurous breakfast eaters, try hummus with veggies and pita triangles. If you’re seriously in a time-crunch, yogurt and fruit with granola can keep you going.

4. Too complicated– elegant breakfasts are fine sometimes, and it can be a great experience to sit down and enjoy a three course brunch. For most mornings, though, it’s better to keep it simple. You’re more likely to cook and eat a basic breakfast than one which requires getting every dish in the kitchen dirty.

5. No variety– especially for families with children this can be a problem. Kids, and even adults, can fall into the trap of eating the same thing every day. Although having a different meal each day might not be possible, or even recommended, ensuring that your breakfast are varied is important. You want to have a range of proteins, and grains. Eggs, chicken sausage, and even bacon as a splurge are great, but don’t forget peanut butter or cheese on toast. And speaking of toast, don’t make this your only grain in the morning. There’s old favorites of oatmeal and grits- however now you can find quinoa, rice, and even amaranth for porridges. If it’s too warm for hot grains, try granola with yogurt, toasted biscuits or homemade muffins.


We can’t all make an ideal breakfast every day, especially with time-crunches due to work and school. Don’t forget to make this meal a priority, though, and take the time to plan it out. Adding in different fruits, and protein sources will keep you full and give you great nutrition. As long as you’re not skipping this meal, and not skimping on healthy ingredients, you’ll be sure to enjoy a boost from the most important meal of the day.