7 Rules You Must Know about Wine

Whether you have been drinking wine for many years or are just starting out, adding savory wines to certain meals that you make at home, there are certain rules you should know about. Wine enthusiasts may seem like a snobby bunch, but they’re onto something when they focus on the rules about wine.

Here are seven rules that you should know about wine and that can help you ultimately find the absolute right wine for any particular meal. It will also help you appreciate the wine your drinking a bit more.

Rule #1: Know where your wine is made.

There are many wine regions throughout the world, even some probably right in your own neighborhood. Just sticking to the traditional wines you find in a store is fine, but you should have a pretty good understanding about which country it came from and which region it was grown.

Rule #2: Always be willing to expand your palate.

Don’t get caught in the common trappings of relying on one particular wine over and over at every meal. Yes, you may have grown to love that particular wine, its flavor, its color, and more, but you could also be missing out on some incredible experiences that go beyond just that singular wine.

Rule #3: Know your limits.

Drinking wine isn’t the same as drinking beer. Most people are pretty well aware of how much beer they can drink, whether it’s from their college days or young adult life. As you get older, and as you begin shifting your focus from traditional beer to wine, you need to understand your limits. The alcohol in some wines can hit you much harder than a regular beer. Your glass can vary in size as well, making them more difficult to focus on your limits.

If you don’t know your limits, you could pay for that dearly the next day.

Rule #4: Not all wines are equal.

Just because a wine is expensive doesn’t mean it’s good. It may not be to your palate or liking. Some people may prefer a more expensive wine, but at the same token, a cheap wine isn’t necessarily a bad one. You need to look beyond the price tag and think about the region, the winery, the process, and many other factors that contribute to a quality wine.

Rule #5: Respect another person’s taste.

If you are entertaining guests, understand some people aren’t going to appreciate the same type of wine you enjoy. They may have a preference for white wine with fish or red wine with a chicken dish. Be willing to accommodate various guests with a choice of flavors.

Rule #6: Wine can complement and even improve any meal, and it can also ruin it.

There is a balance between the flavor, texture, and many other factors about wine that can affect a meal. Just because you enjoy sipping a particular wine while sitting around entertaining guests doesn’t mean it’s going to complement a certain meal. Take every factor of environmental issues into account.

Rule #7: When sampling different wines, rinse your palate out.

There’s a reason people take a sip of water after a sip of wine when sampling wine at a winery. It’s because it washes out the palate. If you don’t rinse out your palate, the previous wine or food that you sampled is going to affect the flavor of the next one.

As long as you follow these rules, you should continue to grow in your wine experience.


Written by G. T. Hedlund