5 Very Easy Breakfasts with Only 3 Ingredients Each

On some days, just waking up in the morning can be hard enough- never mind trying to plan and prepare a nutritious, tasty breakfast. You don’t need to pull out half of your refrigerator and make all your pans or pots dirty to enjoy a hearty, satisfying meal. These five breakfasts with only three ingredients each are so easy, they can be made even on difficult mornings.

All include quality proteins and grains for amazing energy and long-lasting fulfillment, so you won’t be hungry or exhausted in an hour. Fresh fruits and yogurt feature in most, with plenty of vitamins and good probiotics. These are top-quality healthy breakfasts (that you will actually want to eat!)

Many of these ideas are customizable, so you can go back to them again and again, trying out different variations. Your new favorite simple breakfasts await!


1. Yogurt and granola parfaits – an elegant dish, a breakfast parfait is simply your favorite yogurt, granola, and your choice of fruit layered in a glass jar. This is so easy and yummy, you’ll forget it’s good for you. Change it up with different flavors of yogurt, and try out new fruits- berries, tropical mixed fruits, and even applesauce!

2. Home style egg sandwiches – simple 3-minute fried eggs can be topped with cheddar or American cheese. Serve on your choice of English muffins, bagels, or croissants and kick the overpriced deli sandwiches to the curb. These are great for taking breakfast on-the-go with you wherever you need to be. And, with both protein and carbs you will have energy to spare.

3. Traditional muesli– mix steel cut or Scottish oatmeal with yogurt and add in raisins. Refrigerate in a glass bowl or jar overnight. Then, in the morning you can serve cold or just heat until warmed. Top with maple syrup and/or milk if desired. This sounds unusual, however it is popular in European countries- for good reason- it’s delicious! Since it’s made the night before you’ll wake up and have a filling breakfast- no work needed.

4. Southern grits – just coarsely ground cornmeal, boiled and served with milk. Finish with either maple syrup or butter and salt to taste. That’s it? Yes, this super-simple and comforting breakfast will quickly become a favorite go-to.

5. Fruit and Veggie Twist smoothies – mix sliced fresh or frozen mangoes, a cup of yogurt with grains included, and canned pumpkin (1/2 cup of each). Easily blended, this will create a satisfying smoothie so simply, you can make it while you’re still half asleep. Try new flavors by using peaches, apples, or pineapple in place of the mangoes. The pumpkin adds vitamins, and a rich flavor and texture.


Remember, on those mornings when thinking about making breakfast brings visions of heading to the local donut shop (not that donuts are always a bad idea!) you can make yourself one of these breakfasts quickly and easily. Started while you brew your coffee or tea, all of these will be ready before you can believe it- in five minutes or less!

Delicious, healthy food can be simple and fast to prepare. You don’t have to skip breakfast, or try to make a full meal and then realize you’re running late. Full of the nutrition- and taste- you’re looking for, these three ingredient quick breakfasts will change your mornings.