5 Quick and Healthy School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids

We all know thаt children’s lеаrning and behavior are improved if they eat a hеаlthу lunсh. You really are what you eat; fооd іѕ fuel fоr уоur сhіld’ѕ bоdу. Proper nutrition healthy wіll help a child’s соnсеntrаtion and emotional health. Although it can seem that making a homemade lunch is difficult and time consuming, with a few quick tips you can make healthy, tasty meals your kids will actually eat.


1. Summer Kаlе Pаѕtа Sаlаd – this delicious and fresh lunch uses any precooked pasta, along with superfood kale to power up your child’s lunch. Kids will love it even though it’s healthy, because summer-ripe strawberries, cucumbers, and lemon ranch dressing add sweet flavors.

2. Mаngо and Pork Pilaf – a strange meal for a child’s lunchbox, this meal also utilizes sweet, ripe fruit to get kids’ interest up. Diced fresh mango and leftover cooked pork are added to rice.           With protein and carbohydrates, your child’s energy will last all day.

3. Simple English Muffin Pizza – almost everyone knows this basic kid-friendly meal, and there’s a reason it’s an old standby. Every child loves pizza, and sometimes it’s best to just go with what works. Up the nutrition by using a tomato sauce with extra veggies added in, or mix up your own with a small amount of cooked spinach and canned pumpkin. After you add in olives, ham, and all that cheese on top they won’t even know!

4. Homemade Ham and Cheese Rolls – it’s simpler than it seems to make homemade bread. By using a mix and a pan in your oven, fresh homemade bread is only a few hours of baking away with no prep time. Make it a full meal with very little added effort by adding cubed ham and cheese to the dough. Divide into fist-sized lumps and form as rolls, then bake according to the package.

5. Peanut Butter and Fruit Crереѕ – in France crepes are filled with just about anything, but it’s often sweet. Try a filling and nutritious version, by spreading with peanut butter and fresh sliced grapes or strawberries. This new twist on a PB&J will keep your child coming back for more!


Sometimes your child wants to go weeks only eating mac-n-cheese, and then they decide they’ll stop eating their favorite fruit because they don’t like it anymore. Trying to make them healthy and delicious lunches they’ll eat can be difficult, but with these ideas it’s easy. Kid classics and new flavors will excite them, and you’ll love the nutrition they get from these homemade meals.