5 Paleo-Friendly Tips for Carb Lovers


There is a reason why the paleo diet has been such a success over and been more of a permanent fixture than the other diet fads, it is a more natural way to stay healthy. Our ancestors survived on these for years even before they learnt to farm and grow the grains that gave us most of the carbs. Eating the paleo way will not only help you lose weight but also lower the risk of many obesity related diseases. It includes seasonal fruits and vegetables, free-ranging poultry, pastured meats and fats from avocados, nuts and coconut, in short everything the early man could hunt or gather.

Notice the lack of carbs in this list? Now don’t let that depress you because most of love carbs, late as they have been in entering the human diet. While moderation is the key, there are also some ways to eat healthy and tasty without letting the dreaded carbs ruin your diet. Here are some easy paleo-friendly tips for carb lovers to follow.

#1 – Switch to other root vegetables – If you love mashed potatoes and think that the world would end without them, think again. instead of potatoes this time try out the cauliflower which can be tasty as well as healthy. It is quick to make too. All you need to do is steam and puree the vegetable, add some butter to it and it’s ready to eat. You won’t feel as if you have given up ion anything and substituting for the much loved potatoes, they can make a gourmet treat any day.

#2 – Get natural carbs from yams – When your carb cravings get too much and yet you don’t want to divert from the path of good health, opt for yams. These natural carbs are the perfect alternatives for the breads and delicious to boot. They have been a part of many cuisines around the world for centuries, their taste making them part of many special meals. All you need to do is cut them up in cubes, sprinkle some olive oil on them and roast them. In a matter of minutes these delicious tubers will be ready to eat.

#3 – Add a bit of bacon – A bit of bacon makes everything taste better and you won’t believe how this favorite food can satiate and curb your carb cravings. It’s easy to fry and prepare and you can sprinkle these bacon bits into you salads, soups or any other dish that you have prepared to add that extra texture and taste to them. When you have bacon on your plate, you will never feel unsatisfied with your food again, even if it is completely carb free.

#4 – Fill up with the meats and veggies – The main thing about carbs is that they are tasty but they also fill us up big time. the satiation factor is high with carbs, literally. As a result when we give up carbs we tend to feel hungrier and at times crankier too. What we don’t realize is that the carb prevent us from taking in the meats and vegetables which would otherwise balance our food intake. Now with carbs out of the way you can go ahead and eat your fill of all the meats and veggies that your body needs. Along with the proteins and nutrients, you will soon feel full as well, and this time in a healthy manner.

#5 – Have some fun with frittatas – Most of us are of the opinion that frittatas are not so healthy but the reality is that this dish is filled with goodness and heavy enough to keep us full for long time. You can mix the eggs with lots of vegetables to make it even healthier and even add some bacon to make more interesting with the meat factor. Packed with protein, this dish is one of the best paleo dishes to try out.


Written by Bambi Majumdar