5 Healthy Ways To Cook Eggs

There are few in this world who doesn’t love eggs. They make a perfect start to a day and make an important breakfast food for people around the world. This is not just because they are filled with nutrition but because they have amazing satiation powers as well. You will notice that you get hungry quickly or feel less full the days you haven’t had eggs in the morning. Many people are of the opinion that because they are high in saturated fat and cholesterol they are not healthy diet additions for all. While this is true, there are ways to cook them in a healthy manner and not add to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. All you have to do is a little research and find out healthy ways to cook eggs so that they don’t add to the extra fat and calories.

#1 – Boiled Eggs 


This is perhaps the healthiest way of all. When you boil them there is no way they can add to any extra fat in the body. You can serve them hardboiled or soft with toast in the mornings. Each hard-boiled egg contains 5.3 grams of fat, 186 milligrams of cholesterol, about 6 grams of protein and 78 calories in them. They also make a perfect ingredient for fancier dishes like deviled eggs and perfect for an egg salad

#2 – Scrambled Eggs 


Many would raise their eyebrows at seeing this version on this list. That’s because we are used to scrambled eggs filled with butter, milk and cheese. If you choose to use water instead of milk, make it in a little bit of canola instead of butter and ditch the cheese it may be as nutritious as the boiled version. You can make it even healthier by using just the egg whites, and by adding chopped peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach to it.

#3 – Poached Eggs 


Poached eggs have the same nutritional value as hard-boiled eggs but somehow taste even better. You can poach them by simmering them in water after removing them from the shell. There is no need for extra fat to cook them which means they make a very healthy dish. They are easy to serve over cooked green vegetables or on whole-grain toast, adding to the taste as well as the nutritional value of the dish.

#4 – Fried Eggs 


Yes, anything fried is bad for us but that doesn’t mean every time you have a craving for fried eggs you have to forego it. Instead of butter or margarine you can now use canola oil spray on a nonstick pan to fry the eggs which will immediately cut down on the calories and fat. Make sure that you cook the yolk thoroughly while frying them in order to avoid salmonella risk. When you serve these on toast or veggies without the usual cheese toppings or creamy sauces, they are as healthy as ever.

# 5 – Omelette 


Every once in a while we need that perfect comfort food which is the omelette for most of us. It can be had for breakfast or brunch, and if you are in the continent, for any meal of the day. As with fried eggs you can make your favorite dish healthier by skipping the butter and cheese here too. Spray some oil on a non-stick skillet to cook the perfect omelette and add some spinach, peppers, mushroom and onions to it. If you have to add cheese sprinkle a bit of feta on it but limit the amount.


Written by Bambi Majumdar