10 Ways to Cook Eggs You’ve Never Heard Of

Eggs. One of those great foods that are commonly overlooked when it comes to starting off the day right. Eggs are often added to a variety of meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

The most common ways people cook eggs can include fried and scrambled, but cooking them in an omelet is also quite popular. Here are 10 ways you might never have heard of to cook an egg.

1. Egg bundles

Wrap eggs and bacon using a muffin pan. Basically, you make a little cup out of the bacon and place the egg inside of it and bake it inside the oven. You get soft-boiled eggs are actually cooked in bacon.


2. Cooking the eggs more than over easy

Instead of flipping the fried egg over, cover it and allow it to cook the yoke thoroughly. This keeps the yoke from running all over.


3. Goldenrod eggs

This is a popular dish among the French, and the eggs are cooked with a creamy sauce that is made from flour, butter, and milk. Hard-boil the eggs, separate the egg white from the yoke, mix the egg white into the cooking sauce and then pour the crumbled yoke over the top.



4. The poached egg

Adding an egg to the top of your salad is great. Take a soft-boiled egg and then roll it in breadcrumb batter afterward. Then fry it in oil. This is a perfect complement to a good salad.



5. Rolling an omelet

Even though you may have gotten into the habit of folding and omelet over to finish it off, why not try rolling it? Instead of folding the omelet over, flip the entire thing and allow it to cook on both sides, keeping it thin, and then rolling it up. It makes for an interesting way to eat breakfast.


6. Aebleskivers

This is a Danish dessert pastry that requires quite a lot of eggs. You can add fruit slices for a sweeter dessert.



7. Spicy steamed eggs

Having eggs with seafood may not be on the top your list, but by using flavors of a chili, lime juice, and garlic, you can add soft-boiled eggs to just about any shrimp dish for some incredible flavors.

8. Beet eggs

No, I’m not referring to beating those eggs, but the vegetable beet. You can make a beet pickling sauce that you pour over hard-boiled eggs and allow them to soak in for three days. This gives quite the unique treat.

Fluffy omelets

Your omelet may not look fluffy, at least not like those you find in the diners or finer restaurants, but it’s not that difficult to make. Just finish them off in the oven over a medium heat and your omelets will begin to take on a more fluffy and later texture.

Poached eggs with yogurt

There are many variations on this particular dish, but when you poach an egg and add cool yogurt to it, it can take on quite a texture and a variety of flavors. You can add this over some rice with sautéed mushrooms for a meal on its own.


Written by G. T. Hedlund