5 Healthy Ways To Cook Eggs

There are few in this world who doesn’t love eggs. They make a perfect start to a day and make an important breakfast food for people around the world. This is not just because they are filled with nutrition but because they have amazing satiation powers as well. You will notice that you get hungry

How to Stop Bananas From Ripening Too Soon

Filled with nutrients, bananas form one of the superfoods. They are a part of our weekly groceries and our go to food whenever we are hungry and in a hurry. It makes sense to buy them bunch at a time but quite often we find them ripening too soon as a result of which we

4 Lighter Lunch Recipes to Eat After Thanksgiving

After a filling Thanksgiving dinner, not to mention the long day of cooking, making lunch the next day can be disconcerting. You don’t want leftovers again, and anything heavy sounds unappetizing. There’s no need to give in, though, just make one of these simple, light lunches and enjoy your holiday weekend!

5 Easy Party Desserts You Can Make in 15 Minutes

So you’ve been asked to bring the dessert to the party. Whether you’re a seasoned baker, or relatively new to this whole cooking thing, we’ve got 5 delicious and easy desserts you can make it 15 minutes or less. Whether you tell anyone your secrets, is up to you.

3 Easy, Healthy Appetizers for the Holidays

Whether we’re in the middle of summer, heading into autumn, or just getting out of the long winter, the holidays will sneak up upon us once again. When that happens, it means it’s time to begin thinking about hosting family and friends, preparing food, and getting everything ready.

5 Recipes for Porridges

Thanks to a familiarity with gruel, porridge sometimes has a bad reputation. Gruel, essentially a porridge that is watered-down and weak, conjures up memories of bland and unappetizing breakfasts in cafeterias. Today’s porridge, however, doesn’t have to be just healthy – unique grains and awesome add-ins make a vibrant and delicious breakfast that you will